Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When God first layed adoption on my heart, our twins who are now 4 were new born. I knew that's what God had for us in the future. When I first mentioned it to Wes, he probably thought I was nuts. I mean here we are with 4 girls, two of which are twin infants and I'm talking about adopting a child??  He really didn't say much. In fact, everytime I brought it up, Wes really didn't say much. He would agree with me on some things but didn't have a whole lot to say about it. I of course started feeling a little defeated. I mean how will we every adopt a child if my husband isn't willing to even entertain the idea with me?  Can I just say that God has a way of dealing with hearts and setting the scene for his timing! I knew it wasn't the time yet but God also knew! God still had issues to work out with me. He needed to prepare me to be in the place that i needed to be spiritually and I wasn't. In the past year, God has once again opened my eyes and really just changed my life for him. Not that I was out of church , but I was not 100 percent living for my Lord in the way he has called me to. I thank God everyday for changing me. Pulling me back to him. Praying everyday that he just humbles me and uses me for his glory and not let me be selfish for my own reasons. God has proven faithful to me and my family time and time again and has NEVER give up on us. NEVER let us down.  I decided one day just to bring up the subject of adopting a little boy and it was like  a switch clicked. Wes was totally on board. No reservations. He was there 100 percent with me. Wow!! Had to be a God thing. I of course did NOT waste time to start trying to figure out what to do. I asked our Pastor's wife who they used for their adoption and we decided the agency they used would be great for us as well. They are a Christian based agency and they are here local. We ultimately were lead to China for our son. After a couple of months I decided to get on the site again and look at these precious children. Well, there were updates for new children that were available. I quickly skimmed through. Got up and came back a little while later to look one more time and BOOM out of nowhere there he was. I missed him the first time because he was dressed like a girl. OR at least I thought so. I quickly became all excited and couldn't type the email to our agency fast enough to get files on him. He was the one! This of course started our journey to adopting Reece. Reece is currently two years old. He is absolutely beautiful and Wes and I are thrilled at the thought of being his parents. Our children are just as excited as we are. Yes the twins are too! They can't wait to get their brother!! Please continue to pray for not just us but Reece as well. He doesn't know Jesus yet but Jesus knows HIM!  We are drawing toward the end of our home study and hopefully will be sending out for immigration by the mid to end of September. Will keep you updated every step of the way. Loves  and Hugs!!!