Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Want to help?

Wes and I have actually been entertaining the thought of taking Courtney and Hannah with us to China. In order to do this, yes it will cost us MORE MONEY!  But I keep thinking about how we talk to these girls about  God's wonderful works and how awesome would it be for them to go and experience this with us?  Not only to witness God first hand in the middle of China with Reece, but they will also be seeing other families all at the same time going through the same thing we are. They get to go and witness what the orphanage is like for themselves and see what it all means. I know it would touch their heart just like ours. So please be in prayer with us that God leads us in HIS direction. We want to follow the Lord's path, not our own.
   A thought for someone out there that may want to help us and really just don't know how besides praying. We want your prayers for our family and for Reece first before anything! We thank you for them and beg you to keep praying. We need the prayer  tremendously. If there is anyone out there that has  "flyer miles" with their credit card and they are just adding up and you really have no plan for them.... we will need tickets to fly to China!  Round trip we're looking at $3500-4000 PER PERSON. We don't own credit cards or we'd be trying to do it ourselves. SOOO if any of you out there would be willing to help in that area  for a ticket and feel led to do so.. that would be awesome!  We will not travel until June or July so there is plenty of time to rack up on points with Christmas coming! ha ha  Just wanted to throw that out your way just in case of the chance that anyone is willing to do that. Never know till you try. Thank you all for your on going support for us. We value each and every person that is praying and that has helped us thus far. We are truly grateful for everything! Words just can't express!