Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today has really just been one of those days for me.. you know the days you WAKE UP TIRED!  Today is Hannah's first football game for mascot ,  i have tons of cake stuff to get done for the weekend, trying to get paper work from doctor's office stating my bio  kids don't have diseases (for the adoption), and having to make a wal-mart trip with the twins just not cooperating with me at all, and still have to go to game tonight  just seemed to kind of overwhelm me . Then I starting thinking.... I have no room what so ever to complain today.  I'm alive, I'm healthy, my children are healthy and I have a sweet baby boy waiting for me in China. Life is actually good. Among all the things that are frustrating for me today I'm truly one blessed lady. I read on someone Else's post on facebook that they were fixing to have a birthday next month and for every year they have been alive they will do a act of random kindness. Wow!  That really sunk in with me. How awesome is that to give God glory for the years he's let you live by doing acts of kindness. I decided i too shall follow that same path. When April rolls around I'll be doing 35 acts of random kindness. Sounds awesome, huh? Don't get me wrong.. I do acts of kindness just not 35 in one week. So I've been praying the rest of the day for God to help my patience and telling him  how truly thankful for everything I have. Even in the choas of my days God still reminds me there are more things to be thankful for than to complain about. Someone also decided to do a act of kindness for me today. I'm not sure if I even know them.If I do,my mind is just old.   But this person chose to bless us today without warning and I'm so humbled and thankful. I can't express the words for that. God is opening my eyes in so many ways all because we decided to obey him. God is so good.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


So the second fund raiser  was so much fun! The first one was selling raffles for cakes. No that was not fun. My sweet Hannah and I went door to door selling those things in the 100 degree weather  BUT it was totally worth it!  We were able to raise money. Great success!  Time for the second. BUNKO... when I decided to plan it the only thing on my mind was it was the first weekend I had before Hannah started football. (mascot)  Not realizing it was Labor Day weekend. Oh good grief!  I seem to have a habit of doing things at special times. But oh well, I was staying with it. It's all I got. SOOOO here I was trying to plan it all out in my head. Really couldn't get a lot done ahead of time considering I have 4 kids to tend to and I had to take care of the biz. I was worried to death that no one would come considering the holiday. Then of course doubt really digs in when everyone starts letting you know they're going out of town.. they gotta cook for the game that night.... yadda yadda.  I just kept praying and telling God "I trust you", "I know you have this". Whatever was going to happen it was going to be ok. God knows our needs, he knows what we have coming up ahead in our fiances. Finally the night before. My mom came over to help me buy food, set up our tables at church and so we set out to get it done. Up till 3 a.m. that night because I thought it was a brilliant idea to make fortune cookies and put scriptures in them.. then I decided the cupcakes needed Chinese symbols.. I was on a roll for the whole china thing.;)  Went to sleep for 3 hours and let me tell you. ..,MY BODY DID NOT WANT TO MOVE!!!!   But I slowly drug myself out of the bed  and got rolling. I'm still praying the whole time. God I know you know what we need. I know you have this and thank you for your promises and I'm so grateful for whatever happens.  Of course I was running a little behind. You'd think since waking up so early i"d have it under control. I was running around much like I do when it's my kids birthday times!!  Except my husband was not here. He had taken the twins to his moms and at one point I was really wishing he was here. Then reality hit me and I knew he'd really be snoring in the bed  anyway.  LOL  So oh well, I sucked it up and moved on. Finally got to the church.  In total including me and my two older girls we had 20. Thank the Lord for my friend Lisa who was Bunko queen and helped me rearrange the tables to accommodate what we needed. She was awesome!!!  I didn't even question anything at that point. We ate, we laughed, we talked, we played. Just a fun day with the ladies. Something that really touched my heart was that among these wonderful ladies.. two of them are adopting as well and one other is raising money for missions to move to Mexico and they were there. To support OUR FAMILY. My heart was so touched and blessed for that.  At the end of everything I finally get home and pull money out of my pocket. Jesus quickly reminded me that it doesn't matter the number of people that are there.. he still had the situation. Not only did we receive money from everyone that played but people gave over and beyond what they shouldve and then I pull out a card from a bag that was for me and my very first card for our son was in it which just brought me to tears and there was a extra check for our adoption. All I could do is cry and thank Jesus for what he had done. God has just been teaching me so many lessons lately that it's unreal. I'm thankful, I'm humbled beyond belief. Just this morning before church I was praying and thanking Jesus for all he's doing and I told God I didn't understand WHY he would choose to bless me when I know  ME, and I'm not deserving and I've let him down so many times and have failed repeatedly  and very quickly he reminded me again  that he loves me and if I let him, he will use me to his glory ... if i just trust in him and live for him. Wow... God is breaking me down ... remolding me into what he needs me to be, totally changing my life , and I'm so thankful and humbled, words can't express enough.  We still have such a LONG WAY financially BUT I know God will provide.  No matter what the day or what the situation. He's got it under control.