Friday, March 15, 2013


I've been  waiting and I've been dreaming really of my turn to say those three letters that we've been waiting for. Those three letters that let us know we are so close to our baby that in a blink it will be here. I've been stalking my own emails.. I've been checking my phone as if it's going to grow wings and leave the room, I've bee praying. I keep opening my bible and God keeps re-opening my eyes, building my faith  and continually changing me. This week has been the week of really knowing it's probably fixing to be here.. praying and telling God " I know you have this"  , "I know it's all in your timing and I'm trusting you",  "Lord God I know you are mighty and I know you have this figured out .. help me be patient", "Lord please protect Reece until we can get there". " Lord this patient thing is really hard! "  All these things.. I'm sure God was smiling and giggling at me knowing he knew today was our day.  So i stepped out today for a bit. Got home, did my ritual email stalking and decided to check my phone.. 2 missed calls from our agency.  I gasped when I realized what the number was. Oh joy!! Checked my voicemail and there was that voice we've come to love. Our SW telling me to call. She had a "question". I immediately thought back to the last time she pulled that one on me and it was good news. So of course my fingers couldn't dial  fast enough. Wouldn't you know it, she had JUST stepped out for  lunch. My response literally was NOOOOOOOO! I have to wait a hour?? OH man! Yes the sweet girl on the phone laughed at me. ha ha  She probably thought  was nuts!   So naturally I call Wes at work. Told him the story so he could wait that hour out with me in suspense. I was so anxious i was really about to burst into tears and I didn't even know yet!! Longest lunch break of my life! And really i didn't wait an hour but it seemed like forever! Phone rings again.. ohhh it's her!! And just as I was hoping for we get LOA!  Oh my goodness!!! Pure joy, excitement, the realization that we are going to get our son in 2-3 short months!  The realization that God has taken the time to help me build my faith,to teach me what I needed, to increase my walk with him, to know that he really does have this. To remind me to seek him first and always. Wow... God works in mighty ways and he's still working. I'm sure my faith will continue when it gets travel time. I've never been on a plane so  I'm sure i'll be praying as if I know its my last day on earth. ha ha But for today, God has truly blessed us and we are so thankful. Couldn't wait to share!