Friday, December 21, 2012


So much exciting things have happened since my last post!  God knew how heart broken I was at Thanksgiving and he has calmed my  fears and let me know my baby is ok! Not long after I wrote that post I found a group on yahoo for families that are in process and families who have already adopted from Reece's orphanage. How exciting! As I started going through albums these people had posted I found several pictures of Reece! Oh I was just beside myself looking at them all!  I also got in touch with three ladies, all different families who told me about his orphanage and about Reece! Even more exciting. My fears were laid to rest. Not only was I informed that the people in his orphanage CARE for these precious children they are taking care of, but they are also excited that Reece has a family waiting!!  One sweet lady got in touch with me and said when they were there getting their son, they met Reece and she actually went to get info on him, for he had such an impression on them but they were told he had been matched. That would be US! I'm so happy and thrilled that he had that impression on them! He worked his charm! I'm so thankful for all the new information I've received and so thankful God showed me that he IS in fact ok. He's taking care of him.