Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ok so I'm realizing very early in this wait for LOA that this is going to be TUFF! Wow!!  When i say that adoption is a roller coaster, i think that's a understatement. We are  so excited and anxious! My sweet friend Jennifer and her husband are adopting a little girl from Haiti and she got wonderful news about her baby girl this week and yeap she made me cry on the phone. So thankful God is letting us go through this journey together even though our Children are from different places. She too is starting to feel that roller coaster  I've been talking about. OOOHH man the emotions are wild!  You would never think that until your in the middle of it. 
 So I  made a video and posted for everyone to see I'll add the link on here. Yes i know there are some typos and yes i know it's not fantastic but i don't know what i'm doing and it took me HOURS to do it so typos will stay in place. ha ha  I want to thank you all once again for your ongoing support. I know that I've been posting like crazy on my facebook wall and some people must really be tired of it by now but for me it's worth it. This is my baby so I'm going to do what it takes.
 I did want to fill you in on a race that we have coming April 6, in Hueytown for all you that like close to us if you want to participate. I know there are a lot of runners out there. We are working on getting a site up and I'll post that link as soon as it's up. We will also include a craft fair in the same day so we have booths available if crafting is your thing.  Again, i will update as soon as i get all the info.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hopefully I'll get some crafts done for shows and get something accomplished in Reece's room. Courtney and Hannah are off to youth camp this weekend so I think Wes and I will sneak in a date which is VERY rare for us!  You know with 4 children it's tough to get dates with your man. ha ha  Love you all!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Oh glory day!! Our sweet social worker called me yesterday afternoon and said we have a LOG IN DATE!! WoW!!!! It took just 8 short days!!! It got done before the Chinese New Year and I gotta say ... YIIIPPPPEEEEE!!! Excitement doesn't quite  describe my emotions.  It has now hit me  that I better get my butt in gear. I mean I thought I was already in gear and the reality of it being on us before we know it has hit and i feel overwhelmed slightly at thinking of everything that needs to be done before we travel. Now our SW told us it can take 90 days for our LOA which is our letter of approval from china however I've also heard it may go a lot quicker than that considering we are already matched. Someone commented that 55 was the average and a sweet lady that is about to travel said hers took 25 days!  25!!! Did you hear me?  We were LID on 2-6 which  means we are already 13 days into the wait!  From LOA we travel within 3 months! I could seriously burst into tears i'm so excited. I just keep fighting them back. lol  We are moving full force with our fund raisers. Once again we are hitting every single craft show that is available for us to hit. We DON'T have all our funds yet so that kind of adds to our stress. We've been amazed at the out pouring of our friends and our church members at what they have been willing to do for us. Even our family. My parents have give from the get go, and still continue to support us however they can. Wes' mom gave us a good bit of support too!  Wes' brother and wife gave us mattresses for his bed which was a huge blessing that we didn't have to buy those. My sister has tried to sell every thing I've made to all her co-workers and they've been wonderful. We are so blessed to have these people here for us. We can't wait to share that one moment in the airport with our family when they too can meet Reece face to face. Oh man, I'm going to be crying the whole time! If you feel like you'd want to donate for our adoption we have a link you can go to. It's tax deductible for you so that's a plus. Many many thanks to those who have been supporting us all along. We love you and we couldn't do this without you and without your prayers. God has been so awesome in this adventure of ours (he always is) and is teaching me so many things. Still teaching and humbling me in  many many ways. Glad to be on this road and glad I get to share it with others! Can't wait to give you the LOA news!!!! Looking forward to it!