Sunday, April 14, 2013


I'm sorry it's been almost a month since I last posted. Life has been so hectic lately and my mind has been so consumed that I have a hard time trying to get anything done really. Here is where we stand on our adoption process. We are now waiting on what they call ARTICLE 5. This approval will take 2 weeks. So from April 29th on, we will be waiting for our TRAVEL APPROVAL! Yes I said it and you read it right! We are there! We have finally arrived to that point in our process where everything is  moving fast, we are trying to keep up, we are still fundraising and we know that two weeks is fixing to fly by like never before. I can not explain correctly the emotions that hit me every single day at this point. It's like I'm a loony bird who cries constantly. I'm an emotional wreck. God is showing me things that I would have never known had Wes and I not said YES to adoption. My eyes have been opened to his goodness, his grace, his abundant love. I've learned more in this past 10 months than I ever dreamed of. When God puts a plan in action for your life and you  decide.. you know what God, I'm on board. I don't know how it's going to happen but I trust you...... GOD MOVES. In this past month I've been stressed to the point of tears. I had that moment where we realize that we still had a lot of money to raise and our travel was moving up on us really fast. I was reminded from a great friend that God does have this. I needed her that day to lift me up and God knew it. He used her to remind me that God didn't call us to adoption and then abandon ship with us. As my mom stated, God didn't bring us this far to leave us standing in the road. They are both right. I know that. I  let the devil sneak in for a few moments on me but so thankful God put the right words towards me when I needed them.  I've spent more time praying and reading scripture and praying and reading scripture. Not long after that break down, we did have a fundraiser we raised $1000 from that day and not only that... our youth from church had been raising money for orphans and the money went to the families in our church that are adopting. My husband came home from church on a Wednesday night with $500 toward our adoption. God has humbled me, my mind, my actions, my words more in this past 10 months than I ever thought possible.  I still can't get past the fact that my God chose us. He seemed to think we were the perfect family for Reece. Even though we are not perfect. Things changed when I finally said.. God I'm yours. Use me, use my family. Forget what HEATHER wants to do..change me. Guess what... he did! My heart has changed 100% for adoption. I was always for it, don't get me wrong. I was in the group of "oh that's such a great thing to do" but never let God really open my heart to what these families go through, never knew the background to the kids until we are in it. My heart breaks daily for the orphans of the world. It has become a burden . My heart just aches and I cry so much knowing what is happening in these precious children's lives. Did you know that a child in China, if not adopted by age 14, they are kicked out.. on the streets. Can you imagine??? That's just one of many many heart breaking facts. These kids are abused, neglected, not fed properly, don't have the correct medical attention, don't know love in the way we do.. .and yet we sit comfortably in our homes everyday. Yes we  all struggle sometimes but you still manage to run get you a Starbucks when you think you need one, you still manage to run to Hobby Lobby and buy something cause there is a sale going on.  I say that cause I'm that person too.  I am guilty like everyone else. Wow at the opening of my eyes. If we are to love like Jesus, that also includes the orphans. If nothing else, pray for them. Jesus loves them just like he loves us. He's not limited to WHO he loves and we shouldn't be either.  God actually has a huge love for orphans and widows. They need to be taken care of and we need to be the hands and feet.  Wes and I still have a need of $8500 which is honestly our travel. We are so close!! If anyone would like to help in anyway, we would be so thankful.There is a donate button at the top of our page. If nothing else, we can really use your prayers right now. We need them, we are begging for them. Also pray for Reece. I've been praying so hard that God prepares his heart for the change that is fixing to take place. Praying for peace, praying for protection. Thank you all so much who have helped us. Our $30,000 has really turned into $34,000 . People have stepped up and have shown their hearts in so many ways and we are so so humbled by that.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part in our son's lives. The generosity of you guys have been overwhelming. I truly feel blessed to know such wonderful people! Even strangers that I don't know.. have stepped up to the plate. What an amazing thing to experience. God is good!