Thursday, January 31, 2013


We were DTC on 01/29!! Oh yess!!!! I was doing the happy dance. Such exciting news!  What that means is all of our paper work... our home study, immigration.. everything that has been approved from our consulate is now been sent to the China consulate for approval. Our next big waiting process is our LOA  which is a huge deal because we know we travel within a couple months of LOA. Which is acceptance from China. Big deal! The anxiety has set in.. "realness" is here and I find myself fighting back tears  a lot. But good tears. I just can't wait to hold my sweet boy. Even if he's screaming his head off.. I know in my heart, it's changing his life for the better!  I'm so excited for that moment. This is been a crazy ride so far and I know the ride is bound to get crazier.. We haven't even traveled yet. I just keep remembering that God has plans. He knows what's before us. He has it under control. I have complete faith and trust in how he's going to direct our paths. Please remember to keep praying for us and for Reece. We love you all and are so thankful for those of you who are praying and for those of you who have helped us financially. You guys are awesome! Every single dollar is one more we didn't have. We thank you for that! Our site is still up for we have a long ways to go still. It's tax deductible  also so you should get a receipt through the adopt together site.  Love you all.. will update you when it's time!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

While we wait for everything to be authenticated for China we just wanted to update you on our fund raising goals. We do in fact have a long way to go. In fact we need just under $20,000. That's still a lot BUT we also know how mighty our God is and we believe that he will make it happen. He's made it happen thus far. We've worked very hard but every time, God has blessed our efforts. We've been amazed . What we have going now is our new challenge. We are asking that 300 people give $25 toward our adoption. It's a lot really if you look at the big picture. That's a huge chunk of change all together but broke down, it's not so big person to person. $25 wouldn't even feed our family of  6 at McDonalds! Would you please consider helping us in this way?  Even if you don't have $25, the donation site takes as little as $1. You can be totally anonymous too. We don't have to know who you are. God knows and we know he will bless you for it. Everything that you donate is tax deductible too.  This is our son, we just want to get him home and we do need help from a lot of people. I don't mind asking and I don't mind doing fund raisers. Adoption takes on a whole new meaning when it's YOU. When it's YOUR child you're fighting for. When it's YOUR baby that you know needs medical attention. It's all different. We love him  so much already we just want him  in our arms! Adoption is not by any means cheap... it's really not but you have to understand why I guess. I agree they could probably drop some prices on things.. but everything that is put into it.. it really is a LOT of work and then having to send things back and forth to China, having things authenticated, doing finger prints, back ground checks and so forth, passports, visas.. consulate fees.. travel fees, medical fees,  it really adds up quick!   I want to thank EVERYONE that has helped us thus far. There has been total strangers who have donated to us and we are so very grateful. We are grateful for everyone who has donated and who has come to our craft show after craft show just to buy  because of what we are doing. Their heart is so big, they just keep giving. I cherish them. God is teaching me many things about people.  I'm seeing peoples hearts for who they are .  I thank God for my lessons I'm learning every step of this process.  It's defiantly worth the journey.
So again I'm asking would you please consider helping us with our challenge if you can. Please pray for us. Pray for our family, pray for God's protection on Reece. We will continue to update you every step of the way.  We love you all so much! Here is the site to go to for donations.   /  Adopt together is a wonderful non profit  organization who is committed to helping families raise money for adoption. I've spoke with them and they really have a heart for what they are doing. They are there to help us every step of the way and we are so grateful to be a part of what they do. Check them out on their site.

Monday, January 7, 2013


What an amazing last few days! Had a wonderful wonderful message a church that I really needed to hear. Church was PACKED OUT. Guess I wasn't the only one who needed that message.  Went into this week with a whole new outlook.

We have a new donation site available for those of you who can help us financially. The good news is, it's TAX DEDUCTABLE!  Here's the link . Please don't ever think you can't make a difference. Even if it's $5, then that's $5 we didn't have.  We SO appreciate your help. More than you can ever imagine!!

On to me leaping for some joy. My sweet Maegan went and checked the mailbox today and what did I see in her hand? HOME LAND SECURITY... OH YEAHHHHHHH... GOT OUR IMMIGRATION!! I'm thrilled to the bone. One step closer to our sweet boy! Now to get our papers ready to send to China!! WHOO HOOOO!!  We are so excited! The next excitement you'll probably hear from me will be DTC! That would be Dossier to China. That's a huge step in getting our baby. That will be in a few short weeks and I can't wait for my turn to claim it!!

As always I'm going to ask you to please continue to pray for us. We have a LONG road financially. Please also pray for Reece. Praying for him tonight for warmth and a loving hand from his nanny at the orphanage. Praying God gives him peace and prepares his little heart for the change that's coming in his life.
Will talk to you all in a few short weeks!