Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Behind Closed Doors

Reece has been very very quiet since we got him yesterday. He slept all night long with me in the bed. I actually had to wake him up this morning to get him ready to go to the civil affairs office to finalize the adoption! So exciting !  We went and ate breakfast. He was really enjoying himself. He actually grunted at me a couple of times pointing. He then .... oh my goodness.. he's trying to talk to Wes as I'm typing!! SWEET BABY!!!! That's the first time I've heard him try!  (huge smiles) Ok breakfast.. he did well. We then went back to our room to get our stuff for civil affairs...Reece for the first time started crying. As soon as we walked in the room. It was so pitiful. He was not throwing a fit. He was grieving. All I could do was hold him on the bed to try to comfort him. I think at that moment he knew he was stuck with us. Bless his heart. He's  not loud or he doesn't scream when he cries.. you could tell it was a genuine upset cry. My heart broke but at the same time I knew he had been bottling it all up since yesterday and this would be good for him. It only lasted 10 minutes. We headed to do our legal stuff and once again Reece was very quiet and to himself. It's as if we went backwards a bit. Then this afternoon, I claimed he was going to take a nap.. that hasn't happened. Instead we talked to my parents on Skype.. the little booger started feeding himself some cheesy sticks after I said he won't really do it. Kids always have a way of making you look like a liar. lol He then proceed to drink juice from his sippy cup  which he had not done at all!  After Mom and Dad got off, Wes headed to get lunch and Reece and I played. No one see's this side of him but us. Everyone around us see his distress and very quiet self but when he settles in we start seeing his beautiful personality starting to shine as he is starting to trust us a little more. We see the smiles, the giggles, the playfulness inside. I know with more time he will show others his real side but for now I'm so humbled and thankful that he IS showing them to us. Even if it is behind the closed door of our hotel room. I'm perfectly content with that!

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  1. when I awake I look at the clock & smile as I think how your days comming to an end & as ours is ending your is just beginning, China time is so hard to get use to lol just 10 short days & you guys will be home, all us mama's want our babies close lol!I can tell the more he's with yal the more trusting hes becomming & opening up God is good!