Friday, May 31, 2013


Ok, so I've been really busy the past couple of days having to pack up to come to Guangzhou for our last week in country so I haven't had to chance to really update you guys. SOOOO first let me talk about our sweet little man. He does NOT like to be in a seat belt .. found that out on the whole air ride to GZ. Yes we had the screaming kid almost all  the way there. He does not like high chairs, strollers or anything that would strap him in. NOt that he's scared.. he gets mad. I've learned when he gets mad there is not bargaining with him. Can't tempt him with candy, juice, toys nothing.. he's very stubborn. Kind of like he's stubborn with the whole i'm drinking only from a spoon deal. :)  I don't mind it though. I know he will have to learn to drink from a cup but for now i'm fine spoon feeding him...... because he lets me do it. :)  He's still very quiet. He  has come such a long long way in the last week. He's starting to be that little kid that grabs everything off shelves.. dig in all the drawers but usually only when we have him inside with us. But TODAY he had to go for his medical. He zoned out on the way there like he normally does. He just shuts down. But after being there a while and seeing the other kids he came to life. He was walking up to everyone he saw with food!!! Then i'm apologizing ten million times to families I don't even know. And yes he had his own snacks.. he just wanted theirs too. He doesn't know when to stop shoving food in his mouth so that's interesting a times when he gets choked and you have to catch it all in the restaurant at dinner. lol  He's a precious precious boy. We've seen that he's had NO structure what so ever and that will probably be our most challenging thing to deal with especially since he does have a stubborn side. He will learn. ;) I love him already so much that I just can't imagine us without him! He's going potty pretty good today! I have to tell him what sounds like NOW NOW to go but he's doing great. He does go in his pull up at times and we just dismiss it and keep on going. Not stressing over it at all. No melt downs today so far which is awesome. He did not cry when he had his blood drawn today which was surprising to me. But sweet boy is making great progress! He's a little trooper!

As far as adventures in China... new stuff that I've tried since the last time I updated the food.... congee ..... it's like watered down mushy rice. That's the only way I know how to describe it. Reece loves eating it and it stinks really but not horrible taste.
Pork biscuit.. it's like a steamed roll with meat inside.. actually pretty tasty
ok ready for this one?? I had to try it.. where else would I try??? The sign read PORK EAR... yeap I decided to try it... lol  While it's not something I'd eat at home.. it was not nasty. It was seasoned heavy but it was very fatty tasting and like cartilage so a little hard to chew . But over all, it wasn't bad. Would I eat it again? NAAAA  not for me. ;)
Today , we eat mcdonalds and starbucks!! Can I get a AMEN!! yes!!!!

SO our airplane ride... we left our hotel and boarded our plane. As soon as I buckled Reece in he was mad.. bucking like a little bull because he didn't want to be strapped in. Yeap that was fun. He cried almost the whole time. He DID be quiet long enough to eat his dinner they gave him. I know the people on the plane were glad he was eating. I then made MENTAL NOTE TO SELF:  bring the sleeping meds out of suitcase on the airplane!!! We leave at night this go around so hopefully that will help him. We arrive in GZ and we all had to pack into a bus with the little things hanging from ceiling to hang on to. I could see before I ever got on it was PACKED FULL! Oh that was fun. If Wes had a butt, it probably would've been sticking out the door....LOL Hanging on to those straps with a kid in hand.. yeah it was great on top of it feeling like it was 100 degrees!!! Was so glad to get off that thing. We met our new guide, Grace... we had to wait on our bus. It was kinda late. It was very humid especially so late at night. I mean sweat pouring and for those of you who know me.. i'm usually cold so when I say it's hot, it is very hot. We got on the bus which had air. YAY!! We're on the interstate and all of a sudden our bus driver starts slowing down (our guide was not with us) he slowly pulls off the side of the road. At that moment my heart fell to my feet. It scared me. We are in the middle of China in the middle of a night with a Chinese bus driver who speaks not one word of English. OH LAWD!! However we had a flat tire. So guy gets out... we hear him KICKING the tires.. we started laughing because honestly, what's that going to do.. make your rounds kicking all the tires.. lol Yes it was funny. He put up this little bitty make shift caution thing behind the bus.. don't think anyone would have seen it for real. He's been talking on his phone...he comes on bus and say the only English words.. Flat tire. So the guys get out to see if they can help. We look out the window and they're all lined up staring at the flat tire. bwah ha ha ha.. just like men!!  Wes said he had this little bitty thing that we was trying to use as a jack on that big ole bus but the guy didn't know how to change it.. but we never saw a spare tire either. WE all  did get a good laugh out of it all. After over an hour stranded, his buddy brought another bus so we made it safe and sound to our hotel! Fun times fun times! GZ is different from our first province. It's like a large city with really big buildings. We went from a very poor area to what seems like a more well off area. Or so it seems. People don't stare AS hard here at us but yeah they still stare. I mean we've had people turn around and walk backwards to stare us down. We are def. the outsiders here. But we care not. We have our baby so they can stare all they want.

Oh and one more story for you so you can laugh along with us. Wes and I laughed so hard. You guys know I don't have boys so this is a first for us. hee hee So I took Reece to potty .. a little while later, wes was like.. Heather I think he peed down his pants. I looked and was like.. what? I just put a clean pull up on him. So I go to take his pants off to inspect and yall I had his little thingy trapped outside his pull up. bwah ha ha ha ha ha.. Wes busted out laughing and I did too as Reece looked at us like we were crazy. Wes was like.. uh Heather you gotta make sure it's in the pull up. lol I don't think I"ve laughed so hard since we've been here. I'm sure that's one of many many things retarded I"ll do with our boy. But it was funny as all get out!! HA!!!
Love you guys!! Keep praying for us and for Reece's transition. He's doing great!

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  1. Oh my word. Adventure for sure. Pull-up story is hilarious.