Monday, May 27, 2013

God's Gifts

God has once again given us a precious child. Reece is so precious and beautiful. My heart is so full for him to be OURS!  Meeting him to me was a lot like me laying my eyes on my kids for the first time when they were born. You already love them while you wait.. then that moment comes.. the day your eyes meet. OHHHHHH my heart. I was immediately taken by him just like with all my girls. I held it together better than with my girls though. ha ha  I did cry yes, but I was trying not to scare him . He was very quiet and just looked around. He stayed quiet most of the day. He was in complete shock. He didn't know how to act, what to do or anything. Very still. It was sad for me to know that he was that distressed. But he has been a true treasure. We gets smiles out of him with bubbles. He loves the bath. He came to life a little bit at dinner.. banging on the table..making a mess... you know the normal kid thing. He was quiet once again when we came back to the hotel.

God has truly opened our eyes to how beautiful adoption really is. I mean he already had  but now... wow!!! There were screaming babies all in that room, but you could see the beams shining off every single parent as they were holding their child. It was truly a beautiful moment. Time seemed to have stood still for a moment when Reece walked in that room. My eyes locked on him and I melted. God showed his love and mercy full force. Words can't quite say the feeling.

We are blessed to now have 5 beautiful children. Wow!!

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  1. so glad to see you figured out how to post pictures & will be more glad when you get home!
    10 days & counting!