Thursday, May 30, 2013

Long Day

We've had a couple of great days with  Reece. His little personality is shining more and more with us. He's still very quiet and seems to shut down when we are outside of of our hotel room. I know that he's just way more comfortable in our room without all the confusion and lots of people around. Today we went to the zoo. While it was a great treat, Reece really didn't care to see the animals too much. He hit his shut down mode on us. The only thing that really got his attention was the seals and some of the fish. Oh and the big gorilla sitting right in front of the glass. Besides that he really didn't care. We did see a few grins out of him just walking around with him and he looking at all the trees. We were also able to get some smiles just from talking to him and playing a little. Once we got to the little play area, he didn't want to play. Still in the shut down mode. So we sat as he watched the others play. Bless his heart. We came back to hotel, he played for a good while in here and then I layed him down for a nap. Thankfully this baby lays down to sleep with   no issues what so ever. But when he woke up, he was in complete melt down mode. He cried and cried for almost two hours. 80 percent of it was no tears.. he just kept going. So I just let him cry it out. Held him, rocked him, waited. He finally perked up when he got his bath. I know this whole adjustment is so hard on him and i'm sure it's very frustrating considering he can't understand a word we are saying. Please pray for peace and comfort for his heart. He's hurting and confused. We leave out today for GZ for our final week. Will update you as soon as we can. Love you all!

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